Ideas for Quirky Hanging Indoor Planters

If you want to use unusual types of pots in your decor, succulents are a great choice for filling them. Most of them have shallow roots, so they can exist with little or no soil. You can use almost anything that has a drainage hole and will hold the soil as a container for succulents. But it is not necessary to limit yourself to succulents.

If there are suitable conditions and proper drainage in unusual hanging pots, you can grow almost anything.

Fancy Hanging Flower Pots

When making pots with their own hands, some people exclude the drainage hole. Sometimes this is an option, but in most matters you risk the health and perhaps the life of your plant by using a container without drainage. Especially in succulents, the water that keeps the soil moist around the root system quickly leads to root rot.

If you choose a planter that will not hold the soil easily, use small pots inside to make a cool combination planter. If necessary, lift the inner pots so that the plants are visible, but the containers are not. So I used a box type planter and it worked as expected.

If you use fresh indoor hanging pots, the more of them, the more fun they are. If possible, place them where light is available for your plants. For example, if you do not have enough lighting in a room and it is only on the north side, choose plants that do not need a lot of light.

There are several varieties of Sansevieria, a serpentine plant that does not need full sun indoors or outdoors. They will happily exist for some time in low light conditions or even in a windowless room. If you are using a snake-like variety of plants like this, bring it to bright light from time to time for a few hours, or even a few days.

Hanging Pot Design Ideas

Geometric shapes or shells can place your plants in a unique hanging display matter. If you buy funny jars and want something unusual, check it out online. You are sure to find something else somewhere. While you can ride a bike to get your fancy planters, buying new ones is a reasonable alternative.

If you run out of household items that can be turned into hanging pots, go to garden centers and retail stores. Be creative: hanging containers for indoor plants can be made from many items, the original purpose of which was very different from that of storing plants. Drainage holes can be easily added to many such items with a drill. For glazed ceramics, use a special diamond drill bit.

If you use air plants in some of your decorations, choose a jellyfish or octopus pot hanging upside down. Inverted pots have become readily available for storing a wide variety of plants. Many people like the unusual type of bird cages for hanging indoor plants. In addition, there are old chandeliers that can give new life by adding plants.

What about that old wallet that you don’t need, but is difficult to get rid of? It can get a stylish hanging pot. Make up baskets and fill them with your favorite indoor plants to create something unusual. Shoe organizers and pocket pots can become outstanding pots for hanging indoor plants. Even in an old shower box you can store plants. Do you have limited space? Build a shower rod in the living room (or anywhere) and hang the plants on it-macrame pots look great. Wall pots are another way to use old boxes, pots or other types of containers. When it comes to whimsical hanging flower pots for your home, be creative. The sky is the limit.

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