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I’m Sarah Gerrard-Jones, author of The Plant Rescuer – the book you want your houseplants to read and founder of Plant Rescue Box Initiative, a plant waste reduction program.

Agricultural production is a multi-billion dollar industry, and this involves all the environmental costs associated with mass production: energy and water consumption, peat consumption, chemical consumption, emissions from air travel and cargo, not to mention the amount of biodegradable plastic used. Those of us who buy plants like to consider our hobby as “green”, but agricultural production has a large ecological footprint, which is even greater by our unwillingness to accept anything but absolute perfection. The plants are green, but the crop production is not.

It is disturbing to think of the damage caused to the environment by the massive cultivation of crops – consumption of fossil fuels, neonicotinoid pesticides, consumption of water and peat – which are all wasted when a plant is thrown away. Plants deemed unsuitable for sale due to an “imperfection” are discarded millions of times. Most of us agree that throwing away vegetables because they are wobbly should not be an acceptable practice, and yet plants are thrown away on a large scale for the same reason.

It is this unnecessary waste that The Plant Rescue Box Initiative aims to solve.

Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, you can help. As a plant dealer, you can defend yourself against this unacceptable practice by selling plant rescue boxes. Not only does this avoid unnecessarily throwing away plants, but it also allows you to compensate for lost income, shows that you are part of a movement to reduce waste, improves your ecological balance and allows people with limited budgets to access normally prohibitive plants. If you join The Plant Rescue Box Initiative, you will also have access to more than 220,000 plant rescuers via My Instagram @theplantrescuer. Please send an e-Mail [email protected] membership information.

If you are an indoor plant enthusiast and would like to save plants, please visit my website or Instagram highlights to buy a rescue box from one of the 20 retailers in the UK and the USA. If you would like your favorite plant store to join the Initiative, please talk to them or contact me and I will do it on your behalf.

With your support, we can make this movement bigger and better and spread the message that the most sustainable thing you can do is to keep a plant alive.

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