Raw Material Used for Pet Food of Dogs in Brazil

Brazilian authorities are investigating the tragic pass aways of dogs that died prematurely after allegedly consuming Bassar Pet Food brand pet snacks.

The Ministry of agriculture, livestock and supply (Mapa) said it had suspended the use of propylene glycol with a possible link to animal issues, Food News Safety reported.

Nine dogs that consumed Bassar brand pet snacks have been reported dead, six from Bela Belo Horizonte, one Piumhi and two from São Paulo, according to the civil police of Minas Gerais.

In the article on food safety, the media claimed that 40 pet issues had also been investigated.

The animals suffered from convulsions and vomiting.

The Business and Human Rights Resource said the examination revealed that one of the dogs showed signs of kidney failure as the cause of pass away.

In addition, the contamination by Ethylene glycol is still under investigation. It is considered toxic and it is advisable not to use it for pet products.

The members of the Mapa animal products inspection service carried out sample analyses.

Product Concerned

The state authorities ordered Bassar Indústria e Comércio de São Paulo to recall the company’s products.

It started with the daily liver aroma (batch code 3554) and dental care (batch code 3467).

The same report indicates that the product used in the alleged pass aways of dogs in Brazil was purchased by Tecno Clean Industrial, which has the batch numbers AD5053C22 and AD4055C21.

On the other hand, Bassar Pet Food explained that it had already stopped production at its factory.

That is, until the doubtful contamination related to the pass away of the dogs has passed.

The company added that ethylene glycol is not part of its production chain and that the propylene glycol contained in Bassar’s products comes from qualified and reputable suppliers who supply other industries.

A specialist was called in to inspect the São Paulo plant.

Bassar also sent the product samples to verify the safety and compliance of the studied products.

Peril products for pets

The US Food and medicine Administration has announced edible and inedible products that can pose a peril to pets.

As a dog owner or pet owner, it is important to know them.

The Food and medicine Agency said it could be delicious for dogs, but pet owners should keep it away from their adorable pets.

Inedible toxic products should be stored in places inaccessible to your pets.

Edible hazards are foods containing alcoholic beverages, avocado, caffeine, chocolate, salt, onions, macadamia nuts, tobacco products and garlic.

Inedible products also include pool chemicals, mothballs, insecticides, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, rat and mouse baits, cocoa mulch, cocoa mulch, fabric softeners, paints and solvents.

You can visit the website of the Food and medicine Administration of the United States to consult the complete list of products harmful to your dog.

Immediately consult a local veterinarian nearby if your pets experience discomfort, intoxication, convulsions or vomiting. Always ask your veterinarian about the recommended food for your pets.

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