Tools for Planting Bulbs

For many gardeners, the landscape would be incomplete without the addition of flowering bulbs. From anemones to lilies, bulbs planted in autumn and spring give flower growers a variety of flowers throughout the year. While dreaming of a garden space filled with flowers can be quite fun, the real effort required to bring it to life can be huge. It is for this reason that many are starting to look for affordable and useful tools that will help in the process of planting bulbs.

Tools for planting bulbs

Several gardening tasks can be extremely tedious, and planting flowering bulbs is no exception. Digging, as well as frequent bending and tilting, can cause even the healthiest of us to feel tired and in pain. Fortunately, there are several planting tools specifically designed to reduce the time it takes to plant flowering bulbs in the soil.

Most tools for planting bulbs fall into one of two categories: manual or standing. While bulb planting tools need to be of solid and sturdy construction, understanding the soil conditions in your own garden will be crucial to choosing the right type. Producers will also need to take into account the type of bulb, the size of the bulbs planted and the size of the work performed.

Hand tools for planting bulbs are one of the most popular options for amateur gardeners. This type of bulb seeder is ideal for use on raised beds, in containers and/or on well-maintained beds. Although spatulas can also be used for planting, specialized cylindrical tools can make it easier to plant larger bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. Another bulb planting tool, called a dibber, is ideal for use on easily cultivated soils. Usually made of wood or metal, the dibbers have a pointed end that can be pressed into the dirt. Dibbers are ideal for planting smaller bulbs, such as Crocus.

Another good option is standing tools for planting bulbs, which are sometimes called long-handled tools. Some believe that such use of a seeder for bulbs helps to perform planting tasks standing up, and not on the ground. This can make a big difference in reducing fatigue and can help growers do larger planting jobs faster and more efficiently. While shovels or shovels can also be used to plant bulbs, specialized long-handled bulb planting tools are designed to methodically create bulb holes.
Make gardening easier for your body by using bulb planting tools.

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